Tobacco Flavors


As Nefha Kimya, for the hookah sector, which is spreading rapidly all over the world and has become modern with world trends, we add flavor to the products of hookah tobacco manufacturers with the aromas in our portfolio with single flavors and mixtures.
By following world trends and regulations, we provide necessary R & D and quality certificates and taste and recipe support.

  • Classic flavors ( Two Apple , Cappucıno , Mastıc , Ice , Lemon v.b ) 
  • Nefha mixes  ( Special mixes ) 
  • Flavors that comply with the regulations are in our portfolio.

Beverage Flavors


We add flavor to your products with our aromas suitable for each product group in the beverage sector, which is divided into two as beverages in the world. In the soft drink industry ;

  • Fruit Flavors
  • Cocktail Flavors
  • Fruit Flavors for carbonated soft drink are in our portfolio.

Gum-Candy and Chocolate Flavors


As Nefha Kimya, we make your products more enjoyable by adding flavor with our aromas to sugar and chocolates that add flavor to our happiest moments.

  • Chocolate industry Flavors
  • Hard candy sector Flavors
  • Soft Candy Sector Flavors
  • Chewing gum Flavors
    we add flavor to your products with. 

Bakery Flavors


As Nefha Kimya, we add flavor to your delicious products with our aromas in the bakery products sector, which are liked and consumed by everyone.

  • Cake Products
  • Waffles
  • Biscuit Products
  • Croissant Products

All flavors suitable for all end product groups such as Chocolate Flavor, Hazelnut Flavor, Fruit Flavors, Butter flavor are in our portfolio.

Extracts/Oleoresins/Oils and Food Additives

Interest in healthy nutrition and natural products is increasing day by day. We contribute to the use of natural products with extracts and oils used in many parts of the food industry. As Nefha Kimya, we serve many sectors in this section.. 

  • Anise Oil (Crystal Anise)
  • Capsicum Oleoresin , Paprıka Oleoresin , Black Pepper Oleoresin v.b 
  • Monosodium Glutamate 
  • Glycerine

Our portfolio includes many products such as extract, oleorsin, oil and food additives.