Businesses that are operated by public institutions and organizations and real or legal persons, whether for profit or not, and that carry out any activity related to any stage in which food is produced / processed / preserved / stored / distributed / transported / sold / served "Registration of Food Businesses and It is defined as "Food Business" in the Regulation on Approval Procedures.

As Nefha Kimya, our company produces in accordance with the Turkish food codex / registration certificate.




                                 ISO 9001:2015 

It is the abbreviation of ISO International Organization for Standardization and it is the quality management systems standard prepared by the International Standard Organization.

The ISO 9001 Standard reflects all the activities of the organization. It responds to changing needs by developing with the organization. It sets out the conditions of an effective Quality Management System.

The purpose of the ISO 9001 System is to reduce, eliminate and more importantly prevent errors and defects. The basic assumption here is that if an effective quality management system is established and implemented, quality products and services will be produced to meet customer needs.

As Nefha Kimya, we make products with Turkish food codex quality standards and work in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management.




ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System; is an international standard created to produce safe food.

It is based on ensuring the traceability of safe food in all stages from the procurement of the raw material to the selection of the product and the delivery to the end consumer.

As Nefha Kimya, we produce quality products for you by ensuring the traceability of safe food in accordance with ISO 22000 standards.




GMP is a quality system that guides the producers in which and how conditions should be produced in accordance with the GMP standard, such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices, which can affect many sectors in our lives, especially human health.

As Nefha Kimya, we produce products that comply with GMP rules and ship products to world standards.





HALAL certification can be a credible, competent and subject to issue a certificate related to the production of an augmentation event, accordingly. Halal food also provides support services from country management to control.

As Nefha Kimya, we produce products suitable for HALAL certification and ship them to you.