The flavour inside
of the nice fragrance

Flavors are available in two forms, natural and natural identical. Flavors are products in powder or liquid form that are added to foods in certain dosages in order to enhance or change the smell and taste of foods.


As Nefha Kimya, we design the aromas of the flavors in life with our "NF" brand aromas. We make pure, concentrated aromas and offer them to your liking.

In our company, we progress with the understanding of customer satisfaction in all our departments, especially in our R&D, Quality Control, Sales and Application departments, and we serve you with our aromas.



With our flavors, extracts, oleoresins and oils suitable for each end product group, we contribute to the formation of new recipes by providing R&D and application support to our customers.

With our R&D and Quality Control team, we develop flavors that direct the industry. With our expert sales team, we offer you our high quality and parmanent flavors, extract, oleoresin and deliver them to you with our shipping network.

Final product groups for which we design flavor


We design flavors for many end product groups in the food industry. We offer you numerous options with our aromas that give flavor to all end product groups that come to mind when it comes to aroma, such as Bakery Products, Chocolate, Turkish Delight, Hookah, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages.

Hookah and Tobacco products


We make unique flavors and special mixes for our customers in the hookah sector, which is spreading rapidly in our country and in the world and becoming more modern day by day.

Bakery products
Hookah tobacco and Spiral tobacco

    flavour & Fragrance


The history and use of spice goes back to the beginning of humanity. Spices will continue to be used today and from now on.The Far East is considered the first country to use the spice in history. It is now used all over the world.

Oleoresins and Extract are mixtures of resin and oil obtained from spices. Spice oils are products obtained from seeds by cold pressing method. 

As Nefha Kimya, we offer you to create a standard taste in your final products with our EBZAR brand Extract-Oleoresins and Oils, adding flavor to your flavors and bring them to the fore.


In our company, we are progress with the understanding of customer satisfaction in all our departments, especially our R & D, Quality Control, Sales and Application departments. We serve you with our extract, oleoresin and oils.